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Anker USB C Charger, 65W 4 Port PIQ: Compact Powerhouse

Anker, the king of charging accessories, promises a world of fast, efficient charging with their PowerPort Atom III Slim (4 Port) 65W PIQ charger. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s dive into its features, pricing in AED, compare it to competitors, and uncover its pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the charging solution you’ve been searching for.


Super Fast Charging: PowerIQ 3.0 technology ensures optimal charging speeds for virtually any device, with a dedicated 45W USB-C port and three additional USB-A ports sharing 20W.
Compact and Portable: Sleek and slim design, ideal for travel and minimizing desk clutter.
Wide Compatibility: Works with iPhones, Android devices, laptops, tablets, and more.
GaN Technology: Gallium nitride components make the charger lighter and more energy-efficient than traditional silicon chargers.
Multi-Protect Safety System: Provides peace of mind with over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection.

Price in AED:

This Anker charger retails for around AED 133 in the UAE, putting it slightly above some competitors but within the typical range for GaN tech chargers. You can also find it on Amazon.


Fast charging for multiple devices simultaneously.
Compact and travel-friendly design.
GaN technology for efficiency and portability.
Wide compatibility with most devices.
Reliable Anker brand and safety features.


Price is slightly higher than some competitors.
Dedicated USB-C port maxes out at 45W, not the full 65W.
May not be powerful enough for laptops with high charging requirements.
No included charging cable.

The Anker USB C Charger, 65W 4 Port PIQ is a solid choice for users who need a fast and portable charger for a variety of devices. Its GaN technology, compact design, and wide compatibility make it a great travel companion. However, the slightly higher price and limited 45W USB-C port might deter budget-conscious users or those with high-powered laptops. It is my goto travel companion to charge all my devices when I am travelling.

Final Thoughts
If you're looking for a convenient and reliable charger for your mobile devices and tablets, the Anker PIQ is a worthwhile investment. However, if you need maximum power for demanding laptops or want the most affordable option, consider exploring the competition. Ultimately, the best charger for you depends on your specific needs and budget.

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