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GoPro Hero 12 Black: The Ultimate Actione Camera


In the world of action cameras, GoPro is a name that stands out. Known for its durability, versatility, and high-quality footage, GoPro cameras have become the go-to choice for adventurers, sports enthusiasts, and filmmakers alike. The latest addition to the GoPro family is the Hero 12 Black, which builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Hero 11 Black. In this comprehensive review, we will dive deep into the features, performance, and improvements of the GoPro Hero 12 Black.

Action cameras are a must for travellers, I have been using a GoPro since 2014 to document all my travels. The Quick editor is a free app that you can use to edit your footage and is very easy to use.

Design and Build Quality

The GoPro Hero 12 Black sports a familiar design, with minimal changes compared to its predecessor. The rugged polycarbonate body is built to withstand the toughest conditions, and it is waterproof up to 10 meters without the need for an additional housing. The camera retains the dual-screen setup, with a 1.4-inch front-facing LCD and a larger 2.27-inch touchscreen on the rear. The addition of a standard 1/4-20 mounting thread makes it easier to attach the camera to a wide range of accessories.

Features and Performance

The Hero 12 Black shares many features with the Hero 11 Black, including the 27MP 8:7 aspect ratio sensor and GP2 processor. However, GoPro has made several improvements to enhance the overall performance of the camera. One notable improvement is the longer runtime, with the Hero 12 Black capable of recording up to 70 minutes of 5.3K 60p video and up to 58 minutes of 4K 120p video. The image stabilization has also been upgraded, with the HyperSmooth 6.0 technology providing smoother footage even in the most challenging conditions.

Image and Video Quality

When it comes to image and video quality, the GoPro Hero 12 Black delivers stunning results. The 27MP sensor captures detailed and vibrant still photos, while the wide range of digital lens options allows for creative perspectives. The camera can shoot up to 5.3K at 60fps and 4K at 120fps, ensuring smooth and high-resolution footage. The addition of HDR video mode improves the handling of highlights and shadows, resulting in more balanced and dynamic shots.

Wireless Audio and Accessories

One of the standout features of the Hero 12 Black is its wireless audio support. With Bluetooth connectivity, users can connect their GoPro to Apple AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones, allowing for immersive audio recording. GoPro has also expanded its range of accessories, with the introduction of the Max Lens Mod 2.0. This ultra-wide lens attachment provides a 177-degree field of view and is perfect for capturing epic shots.

Comparison with Competitors

While the GoPro Hero 12 Black is a top-notch action camera, it faces stiff competition from other brands. One of its main competitors is the DJI Action 4, which offers similar features and performance. However, the Hero 12 Black has the edge when it comes to image stabilization and ease of use. The GoPro ecosystem, with its vast range of accessories and the user-friendly Quik app, also gives it an advantage over its rivals.

Pricing and Availability

The GoPro Hero 12 Black is available for purchase starting at 1313 AED. This price point makes it more affordable than its predecessor, the Hero 11 Black, while offering improved performance and features. GoPro also offers a Creators Edition bundle for 1359 AED, which includes additional accessories such as a microphone attachment, LED light kit, and a battery grip/tripod control.

Final Thoughts
For amateurs, influencers, and professionals, GoPro make it easier to edit and share your videos with the world. I highly recommend it for first time vloggers and travellers.

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